Can MnDOT Top These IDOT Electronic Sign Messages?

What would your electronic sign message say?

April 9, 2019

Courtesy of Mandy James

If it's one thing Minnesotans love, it's MnDOT's sense of humor and their penchant for coming up with some really great electronic signs. They're snarky, funny, relatable and sometimes they really get to the heart of the matter and drive their message home (pun intended) by getting straight to the point. 

But have you ever asked yourself who comes up with these messages? Where do the ideas come from? It takes a lot of creativity, brain power, and in the case of the Illinois Department of Transportation, it takes crowdsourcing. 

According to ABC 20, IDOT held a contest, asking drivers to submit their best electronic sign messages and these were the winners:

"Put down the phone and nobody gets hurt." - Leanne Harbour; Category: Distracted Driving

"Only the casserole should be baked. Don't drive high." - Grant Mitchell; Category: Impaired Driving

"You look so cute in that seatbelt." - Audra Noyes; Category: Occupant Restraint

"Dashing thru the snow? Slow down!" - John Shukites; Category: Speeding

"Drive like your family is in the next car." - Gene Larkin; Category: Vulnerable Users

"Someone I love works on roads slow in the zone!" - Lisa Hansen; Category: Work Zone

What do you think? Can MnDOT do better? They aren't hold a contest, but I'd love to hear your best ideas; and who knows, maybe MnDOT will see this and use them some day.