Caribou Coffee Just Introduced the Cold Press Shandy and We Can't Wait to Try It

This is either going to be really good, or really gross

May 3, 2019
caribou coffee

Boyloso via Getty Images

For the last few weeks I've made it a point to stop by Caribou at least twice a week to indulge in what I think they should keep on their menu permanently- their malt drinks. I could drink an Iced Malted Crafted Press all day; every day. If you haven't had one, you better hurry and get one. 

If you miss it, don't worry though, because the 'Bou is coming out with something else you might really like- a cold press shandy. 

According to Bring Me the News, it's exactly what you think it is- cold press coffee mixed with lemonade. They've also added another drink that sounds like it came straight out of your Saturday night- the Cold Press Mule - cold press with ginger ale and stone fruit. Mosc-WOW (mule)! 

Both beverages are available now.