Caught on Camera: West Saint Paul Mailman Gleefully Dancing During His Deliveries

What do you think he's listening to?

May 12, 2019
west saint paul post office

Molli Hernandez via Facebook

For over 30 years now, the saying "going postal" has often been associated with anger and violence in the workplace; but now that it's 2019 and we could desperately use some positivity and good news in our lives, I think those two words are about to take on an entirely different new meaning thanks to Joe Nickell, a mailman for West Saint Paul. 

WSP resident, Molli Hernandez, shared a home security video of Nickell on the West Saint Paul neighbors page that shows him pulling out his phone, hits play and starts busting a move. Hernandez says, "Our mailman is better than yours!! Love this guy and always watch the camera to see what he does next. Wonder what song he was listening to?" 

Watch the video here

Now I need to know what he's listening to!