Cheez-It's and Wine in One Box is the Bundle You Never Knew You Needed

This is a match made in heaven

July 24, 2019
Cheez-It House Wine, cheez-it and wine dual box, cheez-it and wine combo


If you've ever been in a bad mood and some smart a-- asked you, "would you like some cheese to go with that whine," you can now tell them with conviction, "yes, yes I would; now pass me the dual box of Cheez-Its and house wine." And stock up, because this perfect pairing won't be around for long. 

According to Business Insider, Cheez-It crackers and House Wine have joined forces on a limited-edition cheese and wine box for $25. One half holds Cheez-It crackers and the other half is a box of House Wine Original Red Blend and they'll be available on House Wine's website starting tomorrow at 5:00 P.M. Eastern, and they'll probably sell out fast.  (Thursday, July 25th)

If you're not a fan of red wine, which comes in the box, both Cheez-It and House Wine have also come up with some other fun pairings for you, like white cheddar and Rose, extra toasty and Sauvignon Blanc and Duoz sharp cheddar/parmesan and Chardonnay. 

Cheez-It + House Wine, together in one box. For real. Order yours July 25 starting at 5:00 pm ET. [Link in bio> - - - #cheezit #cheese #cheeses #cheesy #cheeselove #cheeselovers #wine #winepairing #winelover #winelovers #winestagram #fomo

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