Chili's is Chippin', Dippin' and $3 Margarita Sippin' for Its Birthday Celebration and You're Invited

Who's ready for happy hour?

March 11, 2019
Chili's $3 Margaritas

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Enough is enough.  We've spent the last two or three months with our roads, cars, and coats covered in salt; I think it's about time to cover the rims of our glasses in salt and then fill them all the way up with a mouth puckering margarita on the rocks. 

And we should do it at Chili's. Consider this your official invitation: Chili's is celebrating a birthday on Wednesday (March 13th) with it's cheapest margaritas of the year.

According to Delish, the Presidente Margs are just $3.13 all day, which is cheaper than their National Margarita Day price of $5. 

Someone call us an Uber and let's go.