Chisago County Sheriff's Office Pulls Off Priceless April Fool's Prius Prank

This was genius

April 2, 2019
Chisago County Sheriff's Office

Courtesy of Chisago County Sheriff's Office via Facebook


Did anyone fall victim to an April Fool's Day prank yesterday? Thankfully I did not, but I had some friends who tried to pull off some pretty stupid pranks. 

First there was the guy who made a pregnancy announcement with a sonogram photo that was dated 10/11/1993, and then there was the jokester who thought it was funny to tell people that he was seriously injured in the hospital, but he couldn't even stick to the bit all day and caved about 10 minutes after posting it and confessed it as a joke. Seriously? So lame. 

What wasn't lame was the Chisago County Sheriff's Office prank- they took to Facebook to announce that they were transitioning their cars to the more economical Prius.