Country Western Fans Can Score Free White Castle BBQ Sliders All Month Long

National Hamburger Month is coming soon

May 2, 2019
white castle sliders

Iamthatiam via Getty Images

Saddle up cowboys and cowgirls, we're heading to White Castle. 

According to Thrillist, to celebrate National Burger Month, the fast food chain best known for it's beef sliders and chicken rings, is handing out not one, but TWO FREE BBQ sliders every Wednesday through June 26th, with any purchase. 

There's only one minor, or major (depending on how you look at it) requirement- you have to be wearing your "best western apparel;" and apparently just sporting a cowboy hat won't be enough.  White Castle is highly encouraging customers to pull out all the stops and don a hat, boots, bolo ties and your shiniest belt buckles. 

Considering the three options that they're providing, it could be worth all of your efforts. White Castle's BBQ lineup includes a brisket slider that comes with crunchy onions, an original slider and an "Impossible Slider" which comes with saucy BBQ sauce and crunchy friend onions.