Dog Friendly Movie Theaters With Bottomless Wine Exist and We Need One Here ASAP

This is a dog lover's dream come true

May 21, 2019
K9 Cinemas Plano Texas

Getty Images

When is the last time you've seen a movie in the theater?

It's been quite a while for me. My boyfriend and I don't really have the same taste in movies; I'm a Rom-Com and horror kind of girl, he likes anything with explosions and The Rock. I'll pass; better yet, I'd rather see a movie alone...and I have before. No shame in my game. 

But now, going to the movies alone could be a thing of the past if we get a movie theater where you can bring your dog. Yep, they're actually a Texas. 

K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas is a dog-friendly theater that allows owners to bring their friends for a movie. 

It gets better. Elite Daily says for the price of a $15 adult ticket, you can bring your dog with you to the movies and drink bottomless wine. 

What if you’re under 21? Then your $15 ticket includes your dog’s admission and free soft drinks instead of wine and liquor and if you plan to go and skip all the drinks, your admission is free. Tickets for your dog are $5 each (with a maximum of two dogs per human).

This sounds like a dog lover's dream come true. Now, how do we get one here?