Downloading This Fake Little Caesars Coupon Will Do More Than Save You Some Dough

Apparently Little Caesars pizzas aren't already cheap enough.

March 3, 2019
Little Caesars

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Trying to save some dough? 

While you might already be saving plenty when you're only paying $5 for a pizza at Little Caesars, you'll be saving even more, like a giant headache, when you avoid downloading a fake coupon that's been making the rounds on the internet.

According to Kare 11, Little Caesars has issued a warning to its customers on Facebook, saying that an offer for their 60th anniversary is not legit. The offer reads, "Little Caesars is rewarding everyone with 3 free large pizza coupon on their 60th anniversary.”

As tempting as it might be, should you click on the offer, it could download a virus to your computer or phone, two important things that you need if you need to find the nearest Little Caesers to thank them in person for sparing you the embarrassment of trying to redeem some bogus coupon.