Farmington Kids Inspire Hilariously Sarcastic Viral Facebook Post

This neighborhood might need some backup

July 10, 2019
farmington minnesota

Numen Smith via Facebook

How has your summer been so far? 

Depending on who you ask, it's either going by way too fast, or it can't go by fast enough. In fact, a new study says that parents would like to send their kids back to school after just 13 days of summer vacation. 

Keeping kids entertained and occupied were the top two concerns among parents who were surveyed, which is interesting because "back in the day" most kids were able to keep themselves entertained and occupied just by going outside at sunrise and coming at sunset. 

It's called playing outside and that's exactly what kids in Farmington kids are doing with their summer, along with some good ol' fashioned harassing of old folks. (Remember when 40 seemed so old to you when you were a kid?)

Numen Smith shared his most recent "get off my lawn" moment with her neighborhood street gang in a hilariously sarcastic post which has residences raving about how wonderful it is to see kids playing outdoors. 

He said, 

"Oh my goodness, this Farmington youth is getting out of control. They just rushed me and asked me to turn down my smooth jazz. It was only at a 16 volume level. I am super rattled and uncomfortable. Now I will certainly have to lock my car doors tonight as they threatened that they will steal my change for ice cream and video games at Chill."

Numen Smith via Facebook