Firefighters Dodging Bull Semen

Explosion at Bull Insemination Facility

September 17, 2019

Getty Images


This is some BS!  Except the "s" doesn't represent the word you think it does. 

Actually, bull semen is the phrase. 

Firefighters in Australia spent more than two hours extinguishing flames at a cattle breeding facility in which 100 cylinders of bull semen were completely destroyed. First responders were warned to be on the look out for flying "projectiles." These projectiles were cylinders filled with exactly what you think they were filled with. 

Via Newsweek, here's what Country Fire Authority Gippsland commander Chris Loeschenkohl had to say...

"The liquid inside the cylinders was rapidly expanding and essentially the lids of the cryogenic cylinders were just popping off the top and projectiles were being thrown from the building," he told ABC.

"So firefighters went into a defensive mode initially to protect themselves, because there were also LPG cylinders at the neighboring property, and they did a magnificent job."

Newsweek further reported that each cylinder itself cost roughly $342 US Dollars, but the cost of the specimen inside varied from $5 to $55 per straw. The loss will be huge for local farmers who profit off of the insemination process. 

Next time you think you had a bad day at work, remember, you didn't have to fight a fire while actively dodging bull semen.