Fix Your Vacation Fail With a Free $10,000 'Do Over'

Have you ever had a major travel nightmare?

June 20, 2019
Vacation Do Over

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Have you ever had a major travel nightmare?

Three years ago when I went on my very first cruise, I woke up on the first day with my body covered in hives; giant, red welts covered my entire body. It was so uncomfortable itchy and embarrassing, especially when you're wearing a two piece and you're climbing a waterfall with hundreds of complete strangers that are looking at you like you should be quarantined. 

That waterfall was the only relief I had for most of the vacation because they basically charge your annual salary to visit the ship's doctor and the benadryl just didn't do the trick. It was a nightmare. 

If I ever had the chance to do that trip over again, I would; and you can too. 

According to Insider, the American Society of Travel Advisors wants to give a free vacation "do-over" to one lucky person. If picked, you will get a dream vacation, valued at up to $10,000, planned by a travel expert to make sure everything goes smoothly. To enter, you need to share your worst travel disaster here. You have until July 19th to enter.