The 'Florida Man' Google Challenge Will Make You Thankful You Live in Minnesota

What crazy "what the Florida" story happened on your birthday?

March 21, 2019
What the Florida

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If it's one thing we love is internet challenges, but have you tried the predictive text challenges? 

Here's how they work- you start with a few words or a sentence and then let your predicitive text on your keyboard complete the sentence. This challenge is sort of like that, but it's actually Google that's going to predict what's next. 

Thanks to Kare 11 for the idea; they shared the story and the question on their Facebook page that read: Google "Florida Man" followed by your birthday and share your story. 

I'll go first: According to NBC15, a Wisconsin man was arrested in Florida for the 1979 murder of his wife. Yikes. 

Here are some other really good ones:

Pa: "Florida man who allegedly threatened family with Coldplay lyrics ends standoff after SWAT promises him pizza."

Michele: "Florida man allegedly stuffed foot long sub down his pants... not making it up."

Amanda: "Florida woman arrested for beating her boyfriend with a frozen pork chop."

Sarah: "SUPER tan - Florida man speed walks in a thong on the beach with his poofy chest hair."

Ross: "Half-Nude Florida Man Wearing Underwear Marked "Breathalyzer, Blow Here" Arrested for DUI."

Kelly: "Florida man, 88 set a raccoon on fire for eating his mangoes!"

Irene: "Florida man reportedly dances on police car to summon help in vampire battle."

Tanya: "Florida man denies syringes found in his rectum are his!!"

Susan: "Florida man hid Coke, pot under fat folds ."

Angela: "Florida man pulled over dressed as Fred Flintstone driving a “footmobile!!"

What's yours?