Forget About Your Boat Bod, Oreo is Rolling Out Four New Flavors this Summer

Plus the return of S'Mores

May 13, 2019
Oreo new flavors

Getty Images

For anyone who knows me, they know that I have this theory about Nabisco and their penchant for releasing new and irresistible Oreo Cookie flavors every few months, and it's this- it's a marketing scam; and I sort of say that in jest and here's why: no matter what the flavor is or what the color of the cookie is- 8 times out of ten, the new flavor still tastes just like the original cookie, just with a different name. 

I can't get mad at them though, because guess who's the first one to run out and buy a package...or 4? Yep, that would be me; and I'll keep buying them too. 

These four new flavors are no exception. According to Delish, Oreo just revealed their summer line up and we're getting 4 new cookies starting this month. 

They include: Latte Thins in early June, Marshmallow Moon in mid-June, Mint Chocolate Chip in July and Maple Cream in August.