Freezable Bras Are Here to Relieve You From the Summer Heat

Where have these been all our lives?

July 25, 2019
freezable bras, polar products

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Does the heat of the summer have your boobs sweating? DUH, like we needed to ask. 

Or maybe you're breast feeding you need some relief from the pain? 

These should do the trick- freezable bras. 

According to LAD Bible, there are now freezable inserts that you can stick in your bra to keep cool. They're called Bra Coolers (although we can can imagine that some dudes might be using them to cool the jewels, too) and they're a lot like those chicken cutlets that give your boobs a boost; except you can freeze them, put them in the wash and reuse them. 

Polar Products explains how they work, saying, "Cool58° cooling packs freeze solid at a moderate and comfortable temperature of 58° Fahrenheit, so they can be activated in a freezer, refrigerator, or even a cooler of ice water. Packs can simply be submerged in ice water or placed in a refrigerator or freezer to activate. Activate by simply submerging the packs into ice water for up to 20 minutes when access to freezers is not available."

They also come in different cup sizes too, and they're even on sale on the Polar Products website; order them here