Is This Fur' Real? Aldi is Introducing a New Ice Cream Just for Your Dog

Admit it, you'll probably try it too

June 9, 2019
heart to tail ice cream for dogs

Getty Images

With my birthday coming up on July 2nd, I am more than excited to indulge in some Princess Torte cake from Wuollet's Bakery and some sweet, delectable ice cream with my friends and family....and that includes my dogs. 

Yep, the dog gets ice cream too; and I'm not just talking about a lick from out of the the bowls either; they will get their very own pup cup because according to Delish, Aldi is releasing an ice cream just for our furry, four-legged friends. 

Heart to Tail is scheduled to hit store shelves on June 26th and will feature two flavors, original and cheese and bacon; and 4 tubs will sell for just $3. From the sounds of it, though, this Aldi Find, will go quickly so make sure you get into the store the day they arrive so you and your pup don't miss out.