A Golden Girls Pub Crawl Is Happening In Minneapolis But Tickets Are Going Fast

Gather up your Golden Girls

March 27, 2019
Golden Girls Bar Crawl

© Mrdoomits | Dreamstime.com

She wolves, if you want to thank your fabulous foursome for being your friends, then I highly suggest you send them an APB to let them know that a Golden Girls pub crawl is happening in Minneapolis and the tickets are going to go fast. 

Flip Phone, the events company that's bringing us the Golden Girls Cruise, says this epic event will begin at the Pourhouse, where they'll try to break the Guiness World Record for the most people dressed like the Golden Girls under one roof, and then you'll split off into four groups to hit the bars in Minneapolis. 

If you can't afford to go on the Golden Girls Cruise you might as well go on the crawl; this will be the next best thing because it will include: Golden Girls drag performances, trivia, dance parties and surprises at each bar. 

More information will be released as it gets closer to the crawl date which is May 11th, beginning at 10 AM...which means you know it's going to be a long day filled with shoulder pads, pearls and performances. 

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