The Happiest People in the World Are Single Women Without Kids

Take that Aunt Margaret

May 29, 2019
Unmarried women are the happiest in the world

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Ladies, if you're tired of going to family gatherings and events that turn into interrogations about your personal life, then it's time to take this article and basically throw it in their faces because according to a new study, you're a lot happier than they are. 

In fact, unmarried women without kids are the happiest in the WORLD. The Independent also says that in addition to be extremely happy, they also live longer than married mothers and are healthier than them too. 

Interestingly enough, the opposite is true for men. The study found married men are much happier and healthier than single guys, and one can only speculate that it's because he has a loving wife to take good care of him. 

Are you feeling any better about your relationship status? Honestly, enjoy and embrace your independence; there are several women who would love to be in your place, just as you wish you could be in theirs. If you're meant to get married and have kids, you will when the time is right, I promise. Until then, keep living your best life, and if you aren't, use this news to fuel your fire and get out there.