Hennepin County Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Old Man Winter

It's safe to say we are officially done with winter.

March 7, 2019
Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Old Man Winter

© Hasan Karim/Marion Star

If it's one thing I love about being a Minnesotan, it's that we really know how to make the best of the long winter months and we surely have a good sense of humor about it, too. We've got hilarious memes, videos of cars stuck in snow with colorful commentary and now this- a restraining order against Old Man Winter. Oh cold snap! 

According to WCCO, Hennepin County Judge Kevin Burke is so fed up with the weather that he's issued a restraining order on not just Old Man Winter, but's he's got it in for Mr. Snow (not be be confused with the guy who sings "Informer") and meteorologists too. 

The judge says they can take their shenanigans to Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota, but they don't dare keep spreading their winter storm warning threats around here.  Yikes, sounds pretty serious. 

The verbiage in the official order, however, is not, and you can see read it in its entirety here