Holy Crepe, IHOP Now Has a Pancake Burger

Say goodbye to your summer body

June 4, 2019
IHOP Pancake Burger

Getty Images

Last week it was revealed that IHOP was going to be changing its name to, well, IHOP; and there was a lot of speculation as to what the "P" was going to stand for. 

Many thought it was going to be pizza, but as Promised, the pancake giant announced yesterday that the "P" was for their new pancake burger...only it's not what you think. You're probably picturing a juicy all-beef patty, topped with syrup and bacon; that sits between two fluffy pancakes, am I right? 

Well, it's wrong. According to USA Today, the Pancake Burger features a pancake stuffed between two steakburger patties that are topped with cheese, sauce and bacon, and it's a whopping 1310 calories- the equivalent to my suggested daily caloric intake. 

Before you start flipping out (see what I did there), here is official line up: the Big Ihop Pancake, the Garlic Butter Pancake and the Loaded Philly Pancake.

Would you try it?