Holy Guacamole, Eating Avocados Can Help You Lose Weight

Why yes, I'd like to add a side of guac

May 24, 2019
avocados could help you lose weight

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For as long as I can remember, I was never a fan of guacamole. I was totally turned off by the color, the smell, the texture- everything; but one trip to Barrio in Edina a few years ago changed all of that. 

I had just driven in from Illinois and hadn't eaten in hours, so when my girlfriend's ordered chips and guac before our meal, I forced myself to try some guac just to satisfy my hunger. It started with the tip of a chip and just a tiny dab of the creamy spread; 3 chips later I was knuckles deep in it's greeny goodness. I ate so much guacamole that I didn't even eat my meal. 

It turns out, that's the secret power of the avocado. According to Reader's Digest, the good fat in avocados helps to suppress your hunger and will keep you feeling full for much longer. 

There's no word on what the chips will do, but you should consider picking up some gaucamole for your holiday BBQ this weekend and find a way to add some avocado to more of your meals.