Honda Created a Lawnmower That Can Reach Speeds Up to 150 Miles Per Hour

Still need a gift for dad?

June 15, 2019
Honda Mean Mower

Getty Images

Are you struggling to figure out what you should get your dad this Father's Day? Tired of it taking two hours to mow your lawn? Are tractor and lawnmower races moving a little too slow for you? 

Well, Honda has it all covered. 

According to WTVO, Honda created the Mean Mower V-2 and it can go from zero to 100 miles per hour in just over 6 seconds; but according to Honda, it can actually reach 151 mph. 

And that's because they basically took the engine from their CBR1000RR Fireblade SP and put it on a mower. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't have any grass cutting capabilities, but it would be perfect for finally starting that new family tradition of tractor racing out on the farm, making lawnmower races a little more fun...or drag racing down those dusty dirt roads.