Hop in the Tub and Soothe What Ales You at This New Beer Spa in Chicago

You could kick back an ice cold beer, or bathe in a warm one.

March 24, 2019
Piva's Beer Spa

© Juan Moyano | Dreamstime.com

Normally, after a long; hard day at work, it's pretty common for many Americans to stop by their local watering hole, or plop down on the couch and crack open an iced cold one; but that was soooo 2017.  Now that it's 2019, entrepreneurs have come to realize that beer isn't just for drinking any more. 

For years women have used it to wash their hair, dads have been using it to loosen rusty bolts and kill slugs; and grill masters have been using it to marinate their meat; but instead of marinating steaks and chicken, you can now use barely pops to to marinate your body. 

Yep, soaking your tired, stressed and achy body in beer is officially a thing at Piva's Beer Spa in Chicago. 

According to WGN, you can take a relaxing bath in a tub of heated beer (while sipping on a cold one, of course), buy beer-based skin products and soaps, and even take a yoga class inside their salt cave, which boasts beautiful colors and lots of warmth. 

Below you'll find the link that WGN shared on Facebook and I just had to share it with you for the comments; people have some seriously mixed feelings about this and it's hilarious.