IHOP is Changing It's Name Again...to IHOP

What could the "P" stand for?

May 29, 2019
IHOP changing its name

Getty Images

Remember last year when IHOP decided to change its name to IHOB to promote their new burger line up? Yeah, I almost forgot too, and still have yet to try one of those burgers, but from the sounds of it, the pancake chain is playing the name changing game again, but sticking with the same name....?

Yep. According to CBS, IHOP is changing its name to IHOP; only this time, the P will no longer stand for pancakes. They aren't giving any hints as to what the P could stand for, but they announced on Twitter that the big reveal would be on June 3rd.

There's lots of speculation as to what it could be, but pancake and pizza fans are hoping that it stands for "Pancizza," IHOP's pancake-pizza mashup that they created for National Pizza day back in February. If you missed it, it was basically a pancake the size of a large pizza and sounds wonderful- they had three flavors: Original pancake, bacon and cheddar and cupcake. Yes, please! 

Hey, maybe that's what the P stands for- pleasing- the International House of Pleasing? Maybe it should just stand for promotion.