Inver Grove Man's Marketing Strategy for Selling Mirrors on Facebook Marketplace is Pure Magic

How could you not want to buy from this guy

June 5, 2019
mirror selfie fails

Liberty Longbeard via Facebook

It's been four months since I moved into my new place in Andover, and you'd think that I'd have everything I needed to spruce up the place by now...but I don't. 

Oddly enough, my boyfriend has been wanting to find a giant mirror to put above our staircase leading into the basement. Don't ask me why, because I honestly don't get it. So, I just started looking for one to surprise him when he gets back from a short trip to Illinois; there's just one problem....

If you've ever shopped for a mirror in the store, you'd be surprised to find out that they're actually really expensive- that is unless you're buying a door length mirror from Walmart for a college dorm room during back-to-school season; so I decided to reach out to friends and do some perusing on Facebook. 

That's how I found Liberty Longbeard. My friend Holly actually sent me a link to his "Gently Used Twin Cities" group page on Facebook- where he's actually been temporarily banned because of his marketing strategy for selling least that's what I like to call it, because who wouldn't want to buy a mirror from this guy?

mirror selfie fails
Liberty Longbeard via Facebook


I spoke to "Longbeard" about his knack for selling stuff on Facebook, including a question about where he got his swimwear and he says, 

I run a business which sometimes has me working 100+ hours a week...But then other times I have a month without many significant obligations; So beginning in 2016 I started to attend auctions. I purchase a lot of storage units full of things which I then resell; That is where most of my mirrors come from as well as the swimsuit tops and most of the other articles that I wear in photos. The cowboy hat came from a very very wonderful and special ex girlfriend of mine. I also buy tax foreclosed properties. Some of them are just atrocious and that is where a lot of my gently used items come from."

The comments are even better:

Jasmase: Is the bikini for sale?

Kevin: Does the model come with the mirror?

Jason: Very sexy pic, I love a man like you. 

Todd: The mirror should be $100 with that stud in it. 

Ken: What's wrong with you? That's nasty.

Emmett: I sure wouldn't have wore that to post a mirror.

Dillon: Are you single?

Milton: Free services?

D Kit: Dearest Honeybunch, you need to stop cross dressing and get a hobby. Like, put some clothes on and get respectable for a change. 

Cesar: The mirror include the man?

Aly: I hope you don't think I'm inappropriate, but my daughter left some pretty nice padded bras that I was going to donate, but I was wondering if you would like them? I'm serious. I don't know if you like to cross dressor if you're just teasing, but I understand liking lingerie. If you would like them, I could meet you or I could bring them to you!!

If you want to see more of what Liberty Longbeard has to offer, you can contact him here.