Kids Driving Mini Cars Into Surgery to Reduce Stress is the Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

This is a brilliant idea

April 8, 2019
Doctors Medical Center Modesto

© Rozenn Leard

At 39 years old, I'm very fortunate to say that I have never needed a major surgery. The only time I've had to be sedated for anything was to get my wisdom teeth taken out and even though I was an adult when that happened, I was terrified. 

To get over that fear, I took a Xanax and it really helped; but if I had the option of driving a power wheels into the dentist's office, I would've chosen that option instead. 

That's exactly what they're doing at the Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California. According to WTVO, pre-op nurse Kimberly Martinez thought this would be a great way to "reduce their fear and stress when entering surgery."

And judging by the looks on these kids faces it seems to be working.