Kraft is Going to Pay for Your Babysitter This Mother's Day

This could be the best thing since Easy Mac

May 8, 2019
kraft mother's day away

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Typically, on Mother's Day, most moms will spend the entire day with their kids; it might start with breakfast in bed or brunch, followed by a fun outing to a park or the zoo,and if she's really lucky, some time alone to enjoy a little pampering. 

If you just said, "yeah right" to the part about getting some time alone because you either feel guilty spending that day without your kids or you think you won't be able to find a babysitter that day; think again, because Kraft is coming to the rescue. 

According to Brand Eating, they just announced that they're going to pay for your babysitter on Mother's Day, so you can get some time to relax.

They'll reimburse you up to $100 if you submit your receipt for the babysitter you hire on Sunday at 

There's only one catch: They're only reimbursing a total of $50,000, so you'll want to submit your receipt ASAP- just remember to get one. 

And another thing to remember- you deserve this.