Lonely 6 Year-Old Calls 911 Looking For a Friend and Finds One

This cop deserves an award

May 8, 2019
6 Year-Old Calls 911 Looking For Friend

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Feeling lonely? Take down this number or save it in your phone, 651-989-1029.If you're ever feeling alone in this world or just need a friend, you can call us or text us at anytime. 

I suggest this because we really are always here for you, but also because you might not be able to get away with calling 911 like this 6-year-old Tallahassee boy did. 

According to CBS 17, the little boy was really upset because he was lonely and wanted a friend. Officer Joe White took the call and first explained the proper way to use 911 and then offered to be his friend.  Cue the collective "awwwwww."

It gets cuter from there. Officer White stopped by to visit his new friend to give him a stuffed animal and even let him sit in his police car.