Manhunt for Alleged Monkey Stealer in Forest Lake Prompts Hilarious Response

Talk about monkey business

June 13, 2019
washington county watch page

Washington County Watchdog via Facebook

UPDATE: The monkey has been returned. 

Kwik Trip Forest Lake
Washington County Watchdog via Facebook

Have you ever had too much to drink and did something you don't remember?  We all have; and thankfully for the advancements in technology, we'll always have a way to be reminded of our drunken shenanigans because someone or something is going to catch it on video and share it on social media. 

Just ask Emit Solokar. 

According to the Washington County Watchdog Page on Facebook, a young man, allegedly Emit, was seen stealing a stuffed monkey from the Highway 97 Kwik Trip in Forest Lake. 

It didn't take long for the hilarious comments to begin, and within a few remarks, Emit was identified along with the monkey and a beer in hand. 

Forest Lake Kwik Trip
Emit Solokar via Facebook

Turns out word travels fast in Forest Lake and once he found out he was a wanted man, Emit apologized immediately, saying he had too much to drink, didn't remember taking it, and promised to return the monkey ASAP. 

I've been in contact with Emit and he gave me a detailed account of the evening saying, 

"Okay so me and my friend were out on the st croix drinking all day, afterwards got dropped off at neighbor days in Hugo, my underage buddy snuck into the show and we drank about 5 pitchers of miller light each and got BUCKLED. We met a couple chicks that we were partying with all night, and thankfully they agreed to bring us home. On the way my buddy was puking into a bag next me in the back seat. Ended up at Qwik trip for whatever reason pretty sure I walked in and there was no one in there but the monkey and he told me he was tryna party so I rescued him. It was a humanitarian effort. Next day I woke up with a monkey in my bed and we just kept drinkin, I hooked him up with beer and cigs and got him decked out in a new hoodie and a fresh pair of Oakley’s. I didn’t think people would be so salty about a stuffed animal lol I did the homie a favor. It was the Great Ape Escape."