Mendota Heights Police Department Applauded for Rescuing Neglected Stray

This is heartbreaking

July 21, 2019
Mendota Heights Police Department

Mendota Heights Police Department via Facebook

Prepare yourself, this is heartbreaking. 

Residents of Mendota Heights are expressing their gratitude for a couple of officers after they rescued a shy, timid stray that was running loose on a neighborhood street. 

When Officers Albindia and Raberge found the pup, she was scared, timid, in very poor health and the fur was so matted that they couldn't even if the dog was male or female. 

Once they were able to gain the dog's trust with a little bit of food, they brought their new furry friend to Como Park Animal Hosiptal; there they cleaned her up and confirmed that she wasn't chipped and she was without a collar. 

They're now asking for your help in locating the owner and issued a reminder to anyone who has pets or is thinking of getting one: "if you feel you can no longer take care of your furry friend, please reach out to a local rescue, shelter, or humane society."

Take a look at these incredible photos that they shared on their Facebook page.