Millennials Admit to Loving White Claw Because Beer Makes Them Fat

It's starting to make sense now

August 26, 2019
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If you've been asking yourself why getting drunk on water has been so popular this summer, Business Insider may have found the answer. 

According to a new survey, a third of millennials are cutting back on alcohol, mainly beer, because it's making them fat. 

It's not just beer either. Overall, 21% of young drinkers are drinking less alcohol overall, with a little over a quarter giving up hard liquor and mixed drinks; and 12% are doing just fine without wine. 

With these recent findings, beer makers are making a solid attempt at winning consumers over by focusing on low calorie, low carb options, including releasing their own line of hard seltzers like PBR and Natural Light did. 

Have you tried them yet? Or will you stick to beer?