Minneapolis Brewery Set to Launch a 40-Proof Ale Next Week

Beer + Booze = drunk

May 16, 2019
Modest Brewing Boozehound

Getty Images

If you love craft beer and you also have soft spot for bourbon Old Fashioneds, there's a really good chance that you'll really love Modist Brewing's newest boozy brew, appropriately titled the Boozehound. 

According to Bring Me The News, it's a "one-of-kind fusion of beer and spirits" that's stronger than any beer you've ever tasted at a whopping 40 perfect. If you're a lightweight like me, it will probably take only one of these to have you feeling pretty good. 

Modist explains that it's made with a  bourbon mash that's been brewed and fermented like a beer, then aged in bourbon barrels, and served as an Old Fashioned.

The Boozehound won't be around long though; it will be available in their taproom beginning May 22nd and only for a limited time...which could be the time it takes for it to be all gone. In that case, considering that Minnesota is the 8th best state for beer lovers, it's going to go fast.