Minneapolis Man Creates Large Scale Phallic Art to Draw Attention to Potholes

Well this is one way to get those potholes filled faster

April 8, 2019
phallic potholes

Courtesy of thomasunise via Reddit

Looking for a unique and creative way to get all the potholes in your city filled in faster? 

Trying drawing a penis around them. Seriously. 

The idea came from across the pond when a man from England, later dubbed as "Wanksy" (after the artist known as Banksy"), started painting penises, with washable paint, around potholes after his cyclist friends kept getting injured by potholes. 

Miraculously, in 48 hours, they were repaired. 

Could this be the inspiration around this "large scale pothole art" outside the Thorp Building on Central Avenue in the North East Arts District?

penis pothole
Courtesy of thomasunise via Reddit

Thanks to thomasunise for sharing this on Reddit; there's no word on if the art is still there or if the pothole has been repaired.