Minnesota Farmer Shares Tearful Video About the State of Our Local Dairy Farms

Our local dairy farmers need our help

April 10, 2019

Courtesy of Mark Berg via Facebook

Recently, I read a heartbreaking story about the state of America's dairy farms. Sources like NBC 26 in Wisconsin report that farmers are finding themselves in a pinch because with dairy and lactose alternatives like soy and almond milk, that sales of milk are severely on the decline. 

As someone who loves to eat cheese and scoop down spoonfuls of ice cream, I would've never thought that the dairy industry could be hurting so badly; but the reality is that it is. 

You can read about it in print OR you can see it in Minnesota farmer, Mark Berg's eyes as he tearfully describes what life is really like for local farmers to survive in today's economy. 

I reached out to Mark to learn more about the video and to find out what more we can do to help and he says,

"I had no idea I would get the reaction that it has received. I had just went to make the video and wasn't going to post it because I had gotten so emotional. But these cows are my family, so it hurts to think that we could lose them. As for trying to help, that's always a tough question to answer. Definitely be supportive of farmers that give it there all, having more dairy products in a diet is always good. Actually a few years my sister was a Princess Kay of the Milky Way finalist, she lost 50 pounds working out and increased dairy in her diet. Talk to legislature, tell them your concerns of the dairy community, the more voices the more they listen. Those are a few things I can think of. Thank you, again."

My heart just aches for Mark, his family and all of the other farming families who are working so hard to put food on our tables. My hope is that this video will inspire others like it inspired me to help make a difference for our farming communities.