Minnesota State Patrol Begs You to Not Be That Guy Who Drives in Snow Covered Car

"Don't be this person when it snows."

March 9, 2019
Minnesota State Patrol

© Starast | Dreamstime.com


Dear fellow Minnesota drivers, 

You and I have been on the road together long enough for us to know that the first step before getting on our snow covered streets is to make sure that your car is completely cleaned off. 

As someone who lived without a garage for 20 years, I know that it gets tiresome, and believe me, I know how many shovels and brooms you've had to replace because of your efforts; but we have to do better. 

All windows, mirrors, bumpers, the roof and the hood need to be completely clear or you're going to end up like this guy who was publicly shamed on the internet by the Minnesota State Patrol, who is basically begging you to not do this. "Please.Please.Please."

I'm sorry friends, but the Bird Box challenge is over and hoping it would just "blow off" is just idiotic, so there is no of excuse for this stupidity.  Please have some respect for the rest of us that have to share the road with you, and take this as some tough love. I appreciate you and I don't want you getting hurt just because you were trying to save yourself some time.