Minnesota Woman Says Iowa is Still Coming After Her for 29-Year-Old Seat Belt Ticket

Ticket? Stick it!

June 24, 2019
Iowa Still Trying to Collect 29 Year-Old Seatbelt Ticket from Minnesotan

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A Minnesota woman discovered that the long arm of the law is even longer than she thought when she got a nasty letter telling her that she'd better pay off a no-seatbelt ticket issued in 1990.

According to WHO, Amy Rush was a teenage runaway riding with a guy who'd picked her up hitchhiking when a trooper pulled him over for speeding. The cop wrote her up as well. She got a notice at a former address more than a decade ago but ignored it. So she was shocked to receive another one earlier this month.

She says “I've almost considered driving down there the two and a half hours to talk to a judge to tell him how absolutely ridiculous this is and what a waste of taxpayer money. I can't imagine the postage they've paid on following me around trying to get this $35."

Since she's not a resident of Iowa, the court's only option is to wait until she visits the state again and try to arrest her -- which is unlikely.