Minnesotans are Paying Some of the Cheapest Beer Prices in the Country

Here's something we can all raise a glass to.

February 18, 2019
Cost of Beer in Minnesota

© Vasily Smirnov

Need a reason to raise a glass tonight? 

It's not exactly a promotion, and it may not be a new job, but according to Thrillist, the price for a case of beer in Minnesota is among the lowest in the nation. 

To determine the average cost, experts who love to drink and do math at the same time, used two brands to reveal the price in each state: Bud Light and Miller Lite. How they actually figured out the average is a little hard to explain...something about zip codes, taxes and fees. It kind of makes you want to drink just thinking about it.

Anyway, the important thing is, that after doing all the math, Simply Thrifty Living determined that the average cost for a case of beer in Minnesota is $17.94; it's among some of the cheapest beer in the country behind Illinois, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Kansas, and Michigan. 

Think about that the next time you go to work; after you've doing your thing for a little over an hour (obviously this all depends on your hourly wage), you've just earned yourself a case of beer. Nice work.