Minnesotans Give Their Hometowns a Slogan and The Results Are Everything

You can really tell that people love where they're from.

March 3, 2019
Saint Paul MN

Courtesy of Mandy James

A few weeks ago the Wolf Wake Up crew asked the Wolf Pack, "if your hometown was a candle, what would it smell like?" The results were so incredible that we thought that we'd have some more hometown fun. 

On our Facebook page, we posted the following: tell us what city or town that your from, then come up with a slogan for it; and just when I thought the answers couldn't get any better than what they were for the candle scents, the members of our listener family came through.

Here are the best slogans for your hometowns:

Sam: Dallas, Wisconsin- "Not the one in Texas and we don't like the Cowboys."

Kyle: Lakeville- "The new Edina."

Erik: Stillwater- "Welcome to Stillwater. Now go home."

TJ: Montgomery, Minnesota- "Czech it out!"

Chris: Braham- "like bras & ham, boobs and bacon."

Lisa: "Victor Township- Where the street maintenance guy makes living here like a never ending season of Survivor."

Stacy: Sartell-"Where blue collar and white collar mix."

Melissa: Rosemount- "Where everyone is Irish ☘️even if you’re not!"

James: Saint Paul- "Where the streets aren’t plowed and potholes ruin your day."

Matt: Saint Paul- "The biggest small town in the world!"

Mona: Norwood Young America-  "where the state's celebrations started."

Nicho: Brooklyn Park- "We're next to Maple Grove!"

Tylar: Plymouth- "The biggest city in the Northwest Suburbs."

Ashley: Hugo- "Help Us Get Out!"

David: Savage - "Where the townhouse HOA stands for half a-- on always."

Chelsea: Rochester- “Home of the World Famous Mayo Clinic and Goose Poop Central.”

Joshua: Anoka- ""Halloween capital of the WORLD"

Tera: Norwood Young America- "The reason small towns have a reputation."

Pegi: Rush City- "Up north starts here."

Katrina: Burnsville- "Where the Blaze were once Braves."

Teresa: Ramsey - "Where they're a special kinda stupid."

What would your hometown's slogan be?