Minnesotans Have Mixed Reaction to Zipper Merge Humble Brag

Pictures, or it didn't happen

August 22, 2019
zipper merge, how to zipper merge

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Have you ever witnessed a successful zipper merge in Minnesota? Much like seeing a subtropical bird in August or cougars on the west side of Bloomington, it's a rare sighthing; but when you do actually see one, you have to share the exciting news ASAP. 

Redditor rdktr couldn't wait to share his (or her) experience in the Minneapolis subreddit page saying, "We did it -- I was involved in a flawless zipper merge just before a lane closure in heavy traffic today."

Other redditors couldn't believe it, others joined in on the celebration saying, "yay, I knew we could do it!"

But mostly, people were not buying it. Here are some of the best comments: 

  • Pics or it didn’t happen
  • Were you in MN? Maybe you crossed the border and didn't realize it.
  • Why you gotta be lying?
  • I've read some pretty absurd crap on reddit but this is easily the most absurd thing that I have read.
  • And then you woke up...
  • A lying Minnesotan.
  • Call the people at Guinness!
  • Your alley doesn’t count.

No word on where this actually happened.