Minnesota's Largest Candy Store Posts PSA for Speeders with a Sweet Tooth

Slow down for candy

April 28, 2019
Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store via Facebook

If you've ever driven down 169 through Shakopee towards Belle Plain and New Prague, you've probably made a pit stop at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. 

You'd think that with growing up in Chaska and having several friends who live in that neck of the woods that I would've stopped at this gem by now, but I haven't; even though their big, yellow billboard messages have always caught my eye. 

Their newest one happened to catch my friend Angie's eye, and she shared it on Facebook with the farm's caption that says, "Our version of a public safety announcement! Watch your speed!"

Candy lovers quickly commented that they can't help if they're driving a little too fast, they're speeding just so they can get to the store when it opens Mother's Day weekend; others joked and said maybe the cops think you sell donuts, and other's just thanked them for the warning.