Mysterious Redneck Triceratops Makes Surprise Return to the Twin Cities

Have you seen this?

June 26, 2019

Getty Images

You see a lot of strange things as you drive up and down the streets of Minneapolis, especially if you're driving through one of the more eclectic neighborhoods. 

If you happen to be driving down Portland Avenue, keep your eyes peeled around 42nd Avenue; that's where you might spot the most redneck looking truck ever with a triceratops head hoisted up in the back. 

Redditor, Trevre, shared the photo on Reddit. 

Trevre via Reddit

It turns out this isn't the first dinosaur sighting in that area. What appears to be the same head was also sighted near Lake and Lyndale about 8 months ago.  See it here

No one seems to know what it's for. Do you?