National Weather Service Unleashes 'Small Dog Warning' for the Windy Midwest

Holy Shih-Tzu, hold on to your dogs.

February 14, 2019
National Weather Service Issues Small Dog Warning

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Thanks to the recent polar vortex, we've been getting a laugh at the expense of Minnesota dog owners who've been letting their furry four legged friends do their business inside; but to some dog lovers, it's no laughing matter. 

Keeping your dog safe from the elements is of extreme importance, and it should be. Which is why the National Weather Service has issued a "small dog warning." (If you're like us, you just chuckled a little bit at the thought of this even being a thing; sort of like you did when you thought of your friend's dog pooping in the kitchen.)

According to Fox 32, with winds gusting up to 50 mph in some parts of the Midwest, they're advising small dog owners to "hold on tight to your small dog so it doesn't fly away."

Yes, really. Apparently this really does happen. 

NBC News reported that back in 2009, a 6 pound chihuahua in Michigan was swept up by 70 mph winds and ended up a mile away; it took a "pet psychic" to find her.  Thank goodness she was alive and well.  Other dogs haven't been so lucky. 

Thankfully in the Twin Cities, there haven't been any recent reports of dogs in the wind.