Nebraska Men Hailed Hereos After Rescuing Abandoned Black Box Filled With Beer from Flooded Field

They're calling it the "magic fridge."

March 22, 2019
magic fridge

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Imagine you're walking through an open field and you spot something off in the distance; it appears to be a black box but as you get closer you come to realize that it's actually a fridge. What do you do? 

The fact that an abandoned fridge is in the middle of a field can only mean a couple of things: it was left there on purpose and it's probably filled with body parts (I watch too many movies) or it's filled! 

That's exactly what Kyle Simpson and Gayland Stouffer found when they opened up a random fridge they found after wading through the flood waters in Nebraska. 

Stouffer told the Lincoln Journal Star that after they discovered what was inside, they posted photos on Facebook in hopes of finding the owner; and they did.  The owner said he recognized it because it had the right "beer ratio" of Bud Light and Busch Light.

The fridge is now being dubbed the "magic fridge" after traveling 4 miles in flood waters and it even survived a house fire back in 2007.  Simpson says, "It was a gift sent from the heavens, and we were happy to see it. But we hoped the people who lost the fridge were OK, we hoped their property was OK."

The plan is to return the fridge to the original owners as soon as the roads are repaired.