Netflix Has Created a Co-Watching Contract for Couples

August 5, 2019
Netflix Co-Watching contract

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Most, if not all of us, are now familiar with and have even had a personal experience with "Netflix cheating." It's hard enough finding a show to agree on, so when you finally find something you both want to watch, it's hard to resist the temptation of not skipping ahead should your partner not be available at the times you want to watch it. 

Furthermore, once you've spent all that time looking for a show (which is probably one of the hardest parts of a relationship these days), it's important that you both stay fully committed and engaged, right?

There's no telling if this will actually work, but Netflix wants to help with this by creating a contract for couples. 

According to The Shade Room, the streaming giant down some ground rules with a new “co-watching” contract for couples that must be signed before you start binge watching a new series. 

The rules are:

  1. I won’t fall asleep
  2. I won’t get distracted by my phone causing the other person to rewind because I missed something;
  3. I won’t continue watching a show without the other person present;
  4. I won’t talk whilst the show is on; In the event that I come across a spoiler,
  5. I won’t share it with the other person. 

Netflix is leaving it up to you to decide what the punishment is if someone breaks the rules.