New Richmond Mom Warns Others of Shampoo Tampering After Daughter Loses Hair

July 30, 2019
shampoo bottle tampering, shampoo replaced with nair

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It seems that people have moved on from licking pints of ice cream and spitting in jugs of iced tea at their local grocery store to tampering with shampoo bottles. 

According to a heartbreaking post on Facebook from New Richmond mom, Taffy Jo, her daughter Ashley Rose purchased shampoo at her local Walmart and someone allegedly mixed Nair in the hair conditioner bottle. Taffy Jo said, 

''Attention Walmart shoppers be aware of shampoo and conditioner you buy there as my daughter Ashley Rose bought some 2 days ago and someone mixed nair in her conditioner bottle!!!! As I speak she is losing hair and crying!! Conditioner below this conditioner is supposed to be white is is a ugly pink color. Please note this is NOT FAkE! The police are gonna be watching camera footage along with the detectives. Update...

Ashley went to get a consultation for extensions her hair is so brittle and still falling out they can’t do anything. 

She is going to get her head shaved. 

This momma is full of emotions rite now. Ugh!''

After being harrassed online, Taffy advised that she will be removing her post from social media and will continue to get help for her daughter. 

We've reached out to Taffy, her daughter Ashley and the store and we're waiting for comment.