News Brief: Almost Half of Americans Wear Underwear Two Days in a Row


August 16, 2019
people don't change their underwear

Getty Images

If you're known to be a little uptighty whitey, here's a news brief that might make you feel a bit crochety- according to a new survey, almost half of Americans admit to wearing their underwear two days in a row. 

It also found that while people know that it's just common sense to change your underwear everyday and wash them after one use, they didn't care. Mostly because they consider themselves to be "flippers"- people who just turn them inside out. Others said, "It is possible, just clean yourself very well or wash it, eat healthy foods and take a shower every single day and you’ll be fine!" Yeah, no. 

Fox News says further research found that 46% of Americans have underwear that's at least a year old, 38% have no idea how old their underwear is and a small percentage of us have enough underwear to last two weeks. 

Experts concluded their research with a friendly reminder: "changing your underwear on a daily basis is a must – and making sure you maintain your underwear wardrobe by swapping out old pairs for new pairs is just as important."