This is Not a Drill, a Margarita Crawl is Coming to Minneapolis

Looks like we're celebrating Cinco De Mayo twice

April 1, 2019
Margarita Crawl Minneapolis

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OH-MARG-GAH! As if a Golden Girls pub crawl in May wasn't enough, the Twin Cities is getting another boisterous bar crawl on the exact same day.

According to Facebook Events, Bar Crawl Unlimited is hosting a Margarita Crawl on Saturday, May 11th, which gives you 6 days to recover from Cinco De Mayo.

Wait..there's more. After visiting their website to get more information, and to check to make sure this wasn't some kind of sick April Fool's Day prank, I noticed something else I think you'd like- a taco and beer crawl on Saturday, August 24th. 

Tickets are currently on sale for both some tag a friend that loves margaritas, tacos and beers; and get your tickets now because the price just went up to $25. Get your tickets here