A NYC Restaurant Stole Minneapolis' Signature Dish And We're Not Even Mad

We hope this restaurant does Minnesota proud.

March 20, 2019
Juicy Lucy BBQ

© Ruslan Mitin | Dreamstime.com

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we are extremely flattered that someone from one of the 10 food capitols of the world would want to steal a Minneapolis foodie favorite- the Juicy Lucy. 

You know how people say when you meet the one you'll know? Well, it was pretty much love at first bite for Rich Holmes who decided, after one life changing visit to Matt's bar while on a layover in Minneapolis, that if he was ever going to get into the restaurant biz, that he had to sell Juicy Lucy burgers.   

According to the Star Tribune, Holmes, a real estate investor, that time has finally come and he's opening a new restaurant on Staten Island, and calling it Juicy Lucy BBQ. 

Holmes tells the Trib that there isn't anyone, that he knows of, that's currently making anything like our cheese stuffed burger patties grilled to perfection...however he is changing one thing by straying from our traditional Lucy- instead of just stuffing the burger with American cheese, burger lovers will have 6 different cheeses to choose from; they may even add a tomato bruschetta. 

I feel like I should be offended by that, but there are restaurants in Wisconsin, like Lucy's #7 Burger Bar in Beloit,  that have already altered the already perfect burger by stuffing them with cheddar, pepper jack, cream and blue cheeses. 

Should you ever be in Staten Island and you want to taste how a New Yorker does the Juicy Lucy, you can visit Juicy Lucy BBQ at 809 Father Capodanno Blvd., Staten Island, NY. The website is JuicyLucyBBQ.com. Holmes also managed to snag the website, JuicyLucyBurger.com.