Oh Deer, a Fatal 'Zombie' Deer Disease is Advancing and It Could Spread to Humans

This is some straight up 'The Walking Dead' stuff, folks.

February 15, 2019
Zombie Deer

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They're here, they're deer, and they will not disappear. 

In what sounds like an episode straight out of season 8 of The Walking Dead, health experts are warning that there's a fatal neurological disease that's turning deer into zombies and it could actually spread to humans. 

According to the New York Post, experts from the University of Minnesota say that the disease, known as "chronic wasting disease," which affects deer, elk, reindeer and moose, should be treated as a "public health issue."  Yikes, that's when you know it's getting pretty serious. 

Eating contaminated meat is the biggest concern and the CDC is currently urging carnivores to avoid eating meat from infected animals. This is even more important in the southeastern part of Minnesota; that's where experts say the state is experiencing its largest CWD outbreak. 

What's even worse is that there's no vaccine or treatment for chronic wasting disease. If it's fatal in animals (which it is), there's a pretty good chance that if you're infected, you'll suffer the same fate.