OH.MY.CLAWED! A White Claw Game Exists and We're Dying to Play It

We need this

July 16, 2019
white claw crane game el hefe scottsdale


You know those crane games you loved to play as a kid? You know the ones, with the claw that would drop down and grab stuffed animals and other fun toys?

Well, much like the piñata that spews booze, someone finally decided to make a version of the game for adults. 

According to Whiskey Riff, El Hefe, a bar is Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona (the nearest one is in Chicago BTW but they don't have the game) has introduced a White Claw game. It's basically the crane game but with cans of White Claw. 

We know that it's probably rigged, but it's definitely worth a shot.